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Your Colorado Wedding




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Your Beautiful Colorado Wedding

Your choice for the best Colorado wedding experience that we will fit into your budget.

Maya the ADHD Puppy

Maya the ADHD Puppy

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Making Money on the Internet

The balance column on my computerized checkbook is always red.  Is that the color it’s supposed to be?  Mmmm, not so much.  I think it’s supposed to be black, as in a positive number, not a negative one.

Hence, I will try (again) to find something I can do to supplement my meager regular forty-hour-a-week salary to correct the above-mentioned problem.  My wife says the internet is the way to go and the possibilities are endless.

Grandma Makes a Million Selling Nick Nacks

Check out all the junk in your basement.  Did that!  Nothing worth selling if it has to be shipped beyond the end of my driveway (can you say garage sale?).   Can you affordably ship a fake wood desk that weighs half a ton from Denver to Dubuque?

Private Label Rights, aka PLR

Read up on PLR.  All you have to do is stick your name in as the author of any obscure e-book or article written by an equally obscure author and Viola! You’re on the fast track to success!  Oh you will have to buy a bigger SUV to cart all the greenbacks to the bank.  I actually saw a website where someone was going to sell me their marketing plan for just $10,000.  It had a real value of over $46,000!  Think of the savings and the value!  In case you don’t know, PLR and marketing are like siamese twins on the internet.  Sort of like multi-level marketing on steroids.

Finding Waldo the Wholesaler

Send in the $75 or so to find out where to buy stuff,  ‘The Real Sources’ you know.  Did that too!  Found stuff on eBay cheaper than these guys’ supposed wholesale prices and the folks on eBay ship it free.  Okay Einstein, now what?

Blogging, the Final Frontier

Let’s try blogging!  Everybody can’t wait to hear what I have to say, right?  That’s what everyone in Internet Marketing 101 says.  You are reading what is my slingshot to Internet stardom!  This is Day One.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  <insert winking smiley face here>  </>